Welcome to PC Support

PC Support was formed over 15 years ago to provide tailored IT support solutions to small and medium businesses.

Over the years, we have seen a trend within the industry of support organisations who require long term and expensive commitments from their clients just to provide basic levels of support. 

We don't agree with this our view is simple. 

We charge a very reasonable hourly rate, and a very reasonable on-site call out fee if it's required. 

We charge in 15 minute increments, and thus we ignore the old "per hour or part thereof" issue that leads to bill inflation. 

We do believe in offering real value for money in our services, time and expertise.

We firmly believe that you should be a client of ours because you WANT to be, not because you're "forced" into it having signed a contract back in the distant past.

For a truly innovative, and value-driven approach to your IT requirements, we'd invite you to make contact with us at your convenience by clicking here.

Our Services

No two organisations are the same, even when it looks like they should be from outside appearances we know, because we deal with this every single day. It's why we came up with our slogan "Tailored IT Solutions". That isn't just a phrase, it's an approach and method of operation that we live by.

We have spent many years researching and using many IT products and solutions, and are able to deliver these solutions to you as and when you might need them. We partner with many leading IT innovators who provide industry-standard solutions to common IT challenges, and we're happy to design customised solutions where these are required.

Whether you have one or two computers that you just need some basic troubleshooting for, or a network spanning several buildings, multiple servers and dozens of workstations, we have a team of people with the knowledge and expertise to assist you in whatever capacity you need, and we'd invite you to make contact with us at your convenience by calling us or submitting the form below.

What we offer

Onsite service   

We come to you to assist with all your IT tech support issues.
Backup, restore, virus scanning, patching and O/s updates, networking...
We are the onsite MS Dos support specialists.

Remote assistance   

Assuming your computer is able to start up and you can access it, we can use a special software tool that we make available to you that will allow us to connect in to your computer to both diagnose, and resolve some of the smaller issues that people often encounter when using their computer.  

This is a quick and easy solution, and saves the cost of an on-site visit by a technician.

Network design   

Whilst most networks are relatively straightforward, some initial planning before setting up a new network, or, planning when considering major changes, are often save time in the future by logically allocating addresses and areas on your network to various departments or functions.  

In addition, these design paradigms can be documented and kept on file for future reference.  

For more complex networks, potentially spanning multiple sites, a design overview and connection method is paramount to a successful outcome.

Business process overview & redesign    

A step within which we can examine the internal (or external) processes a business uses in their day to day activities, with a view to suggesting efficiencies or area(s) in which technology can assist in delivering a greater workflow or cost reduction.


With the increasing complexity of IT systems today, it is becoming increasingly important to document not only the equipment that exists on site (traditionally the role of an asset register), but to document how that equipment is configured, what steps are required to recreate the configuration, and also to set up a repository of software that can assist with a rebuild or reconfiguration should one be required for any reason.

Disaster Recovery   

In conjunction with a set of good, up to date documentation, this is a plan and action list of things that need to be undertaken in the event of a disaster on site that prevents access to normal IT infrastructure.

This will often be written from an overall business objective, and selectively focus on IT facilities where it is required to begin the steps of bringing a business back to a functional level after a disaster has occurred.

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